My #1 Of 3 Gifts to YOU!

📢It’s Ready!! JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS 🎁My #1 Of (hopefully 3) Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Gifts to you Guys is now Ready!!

I was getting a little nervous! A week ago I sent this footage to a Fiverr guy… (it’s a freelance service app where you pay ppl in other countries to do projects for you.)




By day 4 Of a 2 day project, the guy who had this project Was finding it challenging to envision what I had in mind for the making of this video. So I decided that with all the Hours I had already explained step by step details 2X , that the language barrier was doin it’s tricks… I decided to Tackle it 100% myself!

I will say, THIS STRETCHED ME with a sleepless night, BUT I’M EXCITED TO REPORT that God helped me be patient with myself and LEARN How to put a project like this together myself from START TO FINISH!!! I obviously still have more learning to do but I’m excited to begin this YouTubing Journey to share Creative & Clean things that pertain to our Living in the 21st century!

Enjoy!! The Link Below the photo👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


😅It’s a New Video Episode that I hope y’all will enjoy.


This week – Gather the kiddos if you need a creative Narrative. ☺️ Share with your Creative or Creative WanaB Friends 😉

❤️🎁💚~ And if you’re Still looking for a Creative Gift to Share with a friend…  You have my permission to Share/Gift this Post & Video to Them! Let’s share the HOPE that Christ Brings Christmas 🎄❤️ HE IS WORTHY of our celebration!! COME LET US ADORE HIM!

Merry Christmas!! Xoxo Attachment.png 

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