The Old is Past…

Are you just as ASTOUNDED that 2018 is over as I am? This Year has been A lot of PURGING & MINIMALIZATION in my life than ever before… and it’s really only just Begun!!  maybe that’s why it’s taken me so long to get this post written and share with you my next Imperfectly Perfect Episode. (It Still didn’t come out EXACTLY  how I envisioned but After 4 revisions I had mercy on my Pakistanian editor 😅) lol!

Something inside me Feels SO MUCH JOY when I See or Find an old piece of SOMETHING For Super cheap or Free… NOT because I’m happy in the SHAPE that it’s in – Which is usually Rough!! But if I instantly SEE in my head the beauty it COULD BE TRANSFORMED INTO, then I’m drawn to Take it home IF it meets my requirements:

1. Will this FIT into my mini Van now? (Haha – I need a pickup truck for my hauls!)


3. Do I have the Tools AND TIME needed to UpCycle and ReCreate it into what I envision it can be?

Usually 1 & 2 are a YES, because “where there’s a WILL ~ There’s a WAY!” 😉 if I want it bad enough, It’ll happen! Haha!

#3? … well, that’s another story! Lol!

I started writing the post several days ago with the verse 2 Corinthians 5:17 in mind and planned on posting it today. But Ironically enough, The Bible App sent me a notification today that This SAME Verse is the Verse of the DAY TODAY!! So it’s confirmation that Someone needs this encouragement… that Whatever Your life looked like this last year or years prior, no matter how messed up you feel like it was -,with stains and scars and ugliness; God wants to Rescue YOU!  He wants to Remake YOU! He wants to Restore YOU! He wants to UPCycle Your Life into  something so beautiful and useful. Remember he doesn’t necessarily “Need” us but he “Wants” us!

As I transformed my front & side porch this Christmas with things in my attic & garage that I’d been collecting … I strangely felt God’s presence as I enjoyed putting this together so much that I thought I’d share it in a video episode too.

For if I could inspire just one person out there to UpCycle one thing they were thinking of throwing away… or that someone else threw away for no good… and help you see that that’s exactly what God wants to do for YOUR Personal New year 2019; it will be worth all of the hours I’ve spent sharing with you what I did for my family. Let Him Make you a New Creature and let the past GO! 👋

Happy New Year 2019!!!

Arlene Booth ~


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