Do You See a Hutch Door?

When my Northern Friends are waking up to snow outside your window, I’m waking up to this beautiful Alaskan trail from my visit in 2011.


Do you ever Let your mind Transplant  you back in time and REMEMBER old memories?  You remember what you were wearing, what the air smelled like, who you were with and what emotion you FELT for being there. . That’s how I feel, every time I pause and gaze at this picture!  That crisp and cold Alaskan day around sunset in February as I stood in COMPLETE AWE at the Breathtaking Beauty surrounding me! One photo just doesn’t do it justice!!! 😯


The glass in the door on my antique hutch shattered in our move to FL 5 yrs ago but I knew this door frame would make some neat frame one day! Last winter I enlarged this photo for a wall hanging in the door/frame. This year i added some thrifted glitter branches to the sides & hung it above our bed. Soon it will be time to pack it away another year and figure out what I’m hanging above the bed for spring 🤔 Are still enjoying your Winter Decor, Or Totally READY FOR SPRING? 

#diy #wallart #homemadewallart #creativecleanliving #bedroomdecor #winterblues #winterhues #upcycledfurniture #alaskabeauty #momonabudget

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