How Long Does it Take You to JUST DO IT?



Wednesday night I got to take my girls on bike trails at the JD park, just 5 miles from our house. We’ve always wanted to do it but it’s taken us 5 new bikes & 5 years to get around to it! It was a PERFECT night with a Full Moon 🌝 

They grow up too fast!! My 10 yr old chose this verse to meme this photo. Kids are so teachable but they rely on us, their parents and educators to Teach them the way they should go… in a way that will be EVERLASTING for ETERNITY… and it’s OK that it’s a PLAIN PATH, parents!! Many times our kids THInK they want the glitziest, glamorous path of Choices and if WE LET THEM, they will Do ANYTHING… they are 

L👀King at US to guide them, lead them and Teach them the things of God. When we do, they will HEAR God’s voice so much more clearly when He speaks to them. 

God Bless all you Moms, Dads, grandparents, Educators and people influencing our children of the 21st century! 🙏🏾




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