Restoration Ranch

~ Note: Long Story alert 😉  ~ (The Photos are my little visual of Psalm 23:2-3) 

A couple months ago I put out a Facebook post asking if any of my FB friends had an AirBnB type place from FL to PA because I figured, “Hey, we gotta pay for hotel stays along the way so why not support friends in business!” Right?

Where’s Your Favorite Place to Stay? (Comment below your favorite AirBnB or Place Of Rest that welcomes Ministry Leaders!)


A Pennsylvania Friend, Jeff Paulus, commented on my post that they had cabins and a Farmhouse but I really didn’t think they were in the area where we would be staying… until my husband and I got discussing our lodging for the kids camp where our kids would be attending – did we want to stay ON campus with no air conditioning or did we want to stay OFF campus with a 10 min drive away at a cabin for $40 with air? 😉 hmmmm!

I began to put 2+2 together and discovered the $40 cabin the kids camp was offering us was the Same place Jeff had offered. 🙂


Upon arrival we found acres of land nestled behind a cul-da-sac of modern homes with a huge old barn (that I wanted to roam!;), a big farmhouse and a couple adorable Log cabins. I love old styles and appreciate antiques and vintage decor, so the whole place intrigued me!!

After checking out the cool conditioned cabin complete with a queen bed, bunk beds, rocker, cowboy boots & guitar, a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot and a lovely red checkered welcome basket with blueberry muffins, bananas, popcorn and coffee; I had to go outside to explore! I was met by my dear friend and Super Host Rebecca whom I haven’t seen for years!! We hugged and chattered Like two little school girls 😉

We jumped on her go cart buggy as she zoomed me around for a grand tour! I enjoyed hearing the history of the land and the Answered prayer of how God provided the auction deal for the Paulus family. God is so good and there is NOTHING That is beyond His POWER!!

I was tickled when they said I could take advantage of the canoe or kayak 🙂  in the cold spring creek behind the cabins.  So Kyleigh and I went the following morning when Robert took the big sisters to Kids camp. (She is still Too young for the camp so a kayak trip with mommy seemed like a perfect 1st time treat. 🙂


The next morning, Robert took the girls to camp and Kyleigh wanted to ride along with daddy for the camp breakfast. Since I’ve been doing intermittent fasting, I stayed back to pack up the cabin so we could leave directly after the 12:30 awards ceremony at the kids camp. I wanted to take advantage of every QUIET ALONE MOMENT …


so I very Quickly decided on outfits for everyone for the next 5 remaining days & divided them into 2 small suitcases for the next 2 destinations in the journey. (TRYING to stay organized haha!!!)

Then I got a text from Becky! She was inviting me to her Brick Room Cafe for a Cup of Tea! We remembered the precious moments years ago sharing cups of Tea and Heart Conversation.


It was a challenge squeezing years of catch up in one delightful hour, but realizing God had led both of our Paths of motherhood into similar discoveries along the path to Wellness for our growing children’s specific needs, we couldn’t help but close out our hour in grateful prayer to the Creator of our Journey to Natural Discoveries and God’s Grace & Goodness!


I’ll tell you that when I left Restoration Ranch, I was keenly Grateful of the Restoring Grace and Mercy of God in my Life! And for the Women I can call Kindred Spirit Friends and Sisters even when we don’t stay in touch Daily.

Thank you Rebecca & Jeff Paulus for the Relaxing Stay this week at your “Restoration Ranch”.  💚

If you’re looking for a Restoring place to rest and traveling through Central PA ~ Jeff & Becky Paulus can hook you up!

They even Rent out 2 Motor Home RV’s so if you want to RV-it around the New England States, Go for it! 🙂

thanks for reading to the end! Feel free to post your favorite #AirBnB, #Verbo, #Bed&Breakfast or Any Place Of #Restoration Welcoming #Guests or #Housingministryleaders. 💚



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