How I Fed 5 with $6.50

I needed something QUICK tonight since we just got home from our summer trip! The refrigerator is sparse and tomorrow is grocery shopping day. 😅


SO I grabbed a 1/2 lb chicken from the freezer & threw it in the crockpot with 1 cup water & some PC Chipotle Seasoning on it – figuring it would be some sort of taco thing. 😅

After helping a client till 4:30, I stopped at the local Mexican Store and was fortunate to have gotten the LAST pack of hot corn tortillas for 1.50! 😍

Then I felt the urge to run across the street and stop at the local Mexican Food Truck for some of that amazing green Salsa Verde from my friend Liz! 😋 (My kids even love it!) Sweet Liz gave me the Verde Free so I couldn’t help but buy a Large order of Beans & Rice. I thought I would save myself time but I realized it might not be enough for 5 hungry Mexican loving Boothies 😉 So I cooked up 2 cups of brown rice, added a pk of Sazon to make it the same orange color and then did my own pinto beans PuertoRican Style since Natalie thought I shouldn’t mix em with the mashed refried Mexican style. ☺️ So, everyone enjoyed dinner tonight as we all chatted about God’s Goodness on our family and mommy was happy for the Quick dinner that was only $6.50 out of pocket today 😉 Not too shabby 🤑



#creativecleanliving #homemadetacos #fastmeals #dinnerideas #quickdinnersolutions #momonabudget #authenticmexicanrecipes 

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