Q-Tips in My Car!?

(No Judging my “MomMobile Life on the Go Crumbs”!)
THIS is the Honest Truth moment I realized the HORRIFIC Scary TRUTH! 😱


After Washing my Hair This Morning! 👂😜

Have You Ever Done This? 🤣

I mean, I did EVERYTHING ELSE after ushering daddy & daughters out the door for school! 💨Besides running a mile & a half, I feel my brain has already ran 10 and it’s only 9am!!!

So I was at a Stop Light and I’m noticing my ears feel Wet inside 😛TMI RIGHT? 🤣 😝

(Well let’s face it! I think most of us don’t do all the necessary “self care” steps in the morning 🤷🏻‍♀️We’re lucky to have 2 matching socks!!!!) Amen?

So at that 30 second red light as I’m thinking about all this; Trying to cut myself a little slack for forgetting my EARS for crying out loud; 🙄my left leg itches.
As I reach down to scratch; what to my wandering eyes should appear!!? But Q-TIPS in the Door pocket Just for My Ears!! 🥳

🤣Out loud I literally said “WOW!” and SMH!! 🤦🏽‍♀️I’d NEVER used them before, nor know how they got there! (Likely Robert tucked them there for our summer road trip! I PROMISE I Have cleaned the van out since July, but these were just left!!) 😅

To be Honest, It was almost as if God himself chuckled along side me and said, “Yup! That there’s CREATIVE CLEAN LIVING DARLIN’!” 😅
Then it was like I saw the little lesson…”Remember I Got ALL YOUR BATTLES! So when You’re Up to Your Ears in Deadlines, Projects, Goals, Laundry, Dishes, Or Hot Messes; Just Remember The Creative Author Of Clean Himself Is Writing Your Life Story! Just Keep Walking in the path I lead you and Use Every Gift I’ve Given you that’s In your Hand.”

So This morning, dirty ears & Q-Tips in my Van Door Pocket was the Little Reminder my Heart Needed and maybe you did too! Share if so!! 💚

And Y’all let me know when ya need a Q-Tip! 😂

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