The Toilet Paper Gift

🎁 The Toilet Paper Gift 🎁 

This Morning Natalie Woke Up, Used the Restroom, and Excitedly Brought her latest Creative Idea to me. (How many Of you get brainstorms in the bathroom??😉) 🤣

Today is her Grandpa Paul E. Gagnon’s 70th Birthday and she wanted to do something special for his milestone birthday. 

“So mom, How bout I use a roll of toilet paper and number each square up to 70 and write a memory for every year about grandpa?” 

I thought it was a FABULOUSLY CREATIVE idea! And YES, it was a CLEAN New Roll Of Toilet paper, for those wondering 😂!! 


It got us all reminiscing about grandpas many years as a child, teen & adult and realized we had MANY questions. Many Squares were left blank for grandpa to expound on, but I’m thinking it needs to be a BOOK ☺️🎁

It certainly helped us all to remember that no matter how many mistakes we’ve made in life, they can’t be erased EXCEPT for the grace of God! Our Lives aren’t Flushed Away to No Good! They are made Clean! 💚😇

#GodisFaithful #CreativeCleanLiving #toiletpaperlesson #toiletpapergift

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