Praising in the Storms

Be Happy! 🧡 I’ll be honest, It’s been difficult this last week to focus and be happy when you know many dear friends have lost & are losing Loved Ones from this world we are only passing through.


Give Thanks! 🧡 There’s ALWAYS something to be grateful for. My 8 loads of laundry behind and unorganized closets are NOTHING compared to the Big Problems Others close to me are experiencing this year! 

Pray Always! 🧡 Last Friday night the 1st evening of Jacinda Stetler’s Stay in the most Glorious Mansion Of Heaven, I heard this new song on the radio that I’d never heard before. 

The lyrics fit so perfectly with everything going on around me. 

I’ve Felt God near in so many ways and especially the fact that ITs OK to ASK GOD WHY! I think sometimes as parents we get annoyed when our kid ask us “why mommy, why can’t I do this or that” and we use the old fashioned phrase, “because I’m the mom that’s why!” 

But Understanding that when our hearts ask WHY only means we are childlike and don’t understand and there’s Nothing Wrong with asking Why When We KNOW the One we are Asking! When we TRUST that one for the answers and even when the answer is not what we want, we TRUST anyway. 

Thank you for reading to the end. I’m grateful to all you for following my heart posts. FB is like a “Dear Diary” to me. Enjoy this song on this Thanksgiving Day and Be Grateful we can Run to the Father with our Whys. 🧡

#grateful #blessed #thankful #praiseyouinthestorm #whyGod #behappy #givethanks #prayalways #creativecleanliving 

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