The 1st Sunrise Of 2K19!

Happy New Year!!

Where is your secret place to reminisce, write, study, read, or dream? Mine is the Ocean. Every 1st day of the year since 1994, I have loved making my way down to the ocean to enjoy the very 1st Sunrise Of the new year! 

Today I had every intention of filming this LIVE, but 10 minutes before sunrise, I saw that i should have registered for the LIVE capabilities for YT YESTERDAY to give it 24 hrs! 

WELL!!!! That there was MY 1st OBSTACLE OF 2019!!! 

As you see this video unveil; you’ll see the Sun had a little Longer time bursting its rise into the sky because of a Big Cloud obstructing its path to shine! 

Needless to say, this became such a clear picture of truth for me and I hope you enjoy the message in this episode. 


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Happy New Year!!! 🎊 

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