Sock Wrapping Tip

Sock Wrapping Tip: 

~ You know those little black hooks that are on socks when you buy them? Keep the sock Hook on, poke it through the paper and Hang them on the tree. So Why did I not think of this before? 🤷🏽‍♀️I don’t know but I’m doing it this year! 😁💯 Socks for everyone 😂 


We always hide little gifts in the tree.. and typically they’re opened last… you know… that moment when EVERYTHING IS OPENED and there’s something Sad about a bare tree…. It just means you Have Ones to Love. 


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My #1 Of 3 Gifts to YOU!

📢It’s Ready!! JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS 🎁My #1 Of (hopefully 3) Perfectly Imperfect Christmas Gifts to you Guys is now Ready!!

I was getting a little nervous! A week ago I sent this footage to a Fiverr guy… (it’s a freelance service app where you pay ppl in other countries to do projects for you.)




By day 4 Of a 2 day project, the guy who had this project Was finding it challenging to envision what I had in mind for the making of this video. So I decided that with all the Hours I had already explained step by step details 2X , that the language barrier was doin it’s tricks… I decided to Tackle it 100% myself!

I will say, THIS STRETCHED ME with a sleepless night, BUT I’M EXCITED TO REPORT that God helped me be patient with myself and LEARN How to put a project like this together myself from START TO FINISH!!! I obviously still have more learning to do but I’m excited to begin this YouTubing Journey to share Creative & Clean things that pertain to our Living in the 21st century!

Enjoy!! The Link Below the photo👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾


😅It’s a New Video Episode that I hope y’all will enjoy.


This week – Gather the kiddos if you need a creative Narrative. ☺️ Share with your Creative or Creative WanaB Friends 😉

❤️🎁💚~ And if you’re Still looking for a Creative Gift to Share with a friend…  You have my permission to Share/Gift this Post & Video to Them! Let’s share the HOPE that Christ Brings Christmas 🎄❤️ HE IS WORTHY of our celebration!! COME LET US ADORE HIM!

Merry Christmas!! Xoxo Attachment.png 

I’ve always loved seeing the different styles of decorating tastes people use for their Christmas trees. ~


Robert & I got paid $200 to set up & tear down this 8 foot tree for a client. I think the poor stand is on its last year!! We thought we might have to tie it to the door knob behind the tree but the lady of the house said they should be Safe since the grandkids aren’t coming home this year 😉😅

If you know anyone who needs a Christmas tree Set up or Decorator ~ I’m your gal 😁

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Your Needs Will be Supplied

I was listening to Philippians in the Bible app this morning… got a call from a friend to tell her good news that was in my inbox to connect these 2 friends in a possible Partnership that would benefit both of their businesses…. and when I hung up; THIS VERSE was SPOKEN!! 🎁 Amen!! What a PROMISE !! 



Someone from Jupiter Island whom I’ve helped refer people of service to her over the last 20 yrs, told me last week that I should Charge Money for this Referral service. 😉 I said, “ok I’ll send you a bill!” She said, “oh but not me!” Lol!!!!

no- I’m So happy God can use me to be His hands and feet extended and refer others to each other. ❤️ It’s beautiful to watch God provide in others lives. He just wants us to USE WHAT IS IN OUR HANDS!! Sometimes what I have to offer may not be the right fit for someone BUT I’m sure I know someone that can help 😁


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486077EE-9406-4661-BEB7-4ACB2010F1CC🤔DO YOU USE or ever THOUGHT of Making a Switch to METAL STRAWS to reduce plastic??

I just got some and I’m excited about them!

I’m enjoying my little porch all decorated for Christmas and working on a New YouTube Episode to show you my Decorating hacks on  a budget.

But as I sat there I realized Yet again the IMPORTANTANCE of little yet very POWERFUL & Beautiful things that Fuel my Morning to Empower me to Run Strong for another day! I think we all need that space in our lives. We can fill our days with so much planning, running, working and helping others that we forget to be grateful for the little things that truly fuel us for Clean Living.

Yesterday it was a new found appreciation for my Spode Christmas Glass, A New Metal Straw, a Chocolate Protein Amino Shake, combined with an Empowering Word from the Lord… “I will never leave you nor forsake you!”

May the Christ of Christmas be the CENTER of your Fuel for Going that you need during this busy beautiful season !




We FELL out of FALL too Quickly!!

I know Fall & Thanksgiving is Over now, but I thought I’d share my Creative Living Tips for Redecorating  my front porch in colors I’ve never used for fall before. My inspiration was a rug that I found last year I had a white, tan and seafoam blue pump again on it. This year I added some extra touches buy painting some  Orange pumpkins the same blue collar, touching up old rod iron pieces with fresh white paint and utilizing some antique blue ceramic & glass pieces that were given to me.

The “Give Thanks” Pumpkin  was the wooden piece I found at Ross for less for $2.99 in spray paint in the same blue with accents of aqua to make a little darker.

My husband found perfect Square slip covers for pillows I already had on my front bench Online ~  through eBay which was fun getting extra Loyalty Dollar money for Free Home Goods Products.

A great little store I discovered had the rectangular pillows for only $7.99 each so I was happy to realize my whole porch makeover was right at $50.00!

I know many  people pride themselves on top name brands in quality but I find great joy in finding nice quality things a very Great price especially when it’s next to nothing!! I believe that’s part of the proverbs 31 woman To be a wise spender.

So there ya have my Fall porch ideas just in time for Christmas!!! 😂😂😂#blamingmomlife


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More Blessed to Give

When MOM is Working Extra Hours To Help Others Thanksgiving Week But The TO DO LIST is STILL THERE for Thanksgiving Day; She Pays the Mommy Helpers and they get shopping money for Friday! 

#winwin 😂 🤑 

SIDE NOTE ~ Natalie came home from School yesterday & saw this board and got SO excited! She dropped her backpack & said “I AM ON IT Mom!” 😂 then she said “Mom this is really cool because today there was a boy at school who said he needed a dollar and I wasn’t sure if I should give him my dollar but I did because he needs it worse than me. And now I get to get more than my dollar back!” 😁

🧡🧡This was a great teaching moment for me to share How When God Lays it on our hearts to bless others, even when it may be ALL you have left, He Often Opens doors or Repays us in Greater ways than we imagined! 🧡🧡

– In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lotd Jesus how He Himself said, “It is more blessed to Give than to Receive” Acts 20:35